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Albir, Spain

Weekly price from €:


About the property


Very nice lower level apartment for up to 4 people, in an excellent location just 200 meters from the lively seafront, with a short walk to supermarkets and a variety of restaurants, guaranteeing a wonderful stay.

The apartment is surrounded by a large terrace with comfortable seating and awnings that provide shade, and here you can relax in peace and quiet. There is also a car park available for your convenience.

The summer guests can enjoy the fact that the terrace has direct access to a swimming pool via a private gate. The living room has air conditioning and central heating, while unlimited WIFI and access to all (Dutch) TV channels cover your entertainment needs. Otherwise, you can of course stream your films directly on TV.

The spacious kitchen is well equipped with a dishwasher, oven, large fridge, washing machine and several smaller appliances. There is also a clean drinking water system available, so you don't have to buy bottled water.

Two spacious bathrooms with shower cubicles are available to ensure maximum comfort. The two air-conditioned bedrooms guarantee a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

It is important to note that there are rules for the use of the pool and terraces, as well as your own private terrace. Loud music is not permitted and the main tenant must be at least 25 years old to ensure a quiet and respectful environment for all guests.

Second license: AT-4601113-A

Rental prices 2024 per week

  • 6 January to 30 March: 364 euros

  • 31 March to 1 June: 476 euros

  • June 1 to June 28: 630 euros

  • 29 June to 31 August: 770 euros

  • September 1 to September 28: 616 euros

  • 29 September to 26 October: 434 euros

  • 27 October to 21 December: 364 euros

  • 21 December to 4 January 2025: 497 euros


  • 5 January to 29 March: 364 euros

  • 30 March to 31 May: 476 euros

  • June 1 to June 28: 630 euros

  • 29 June to 30 August: 770 euros

  • 31 August to 27 September: 616 euros

  • 29 September to 25 October: 434 euros

  • 26 October to 20 December: 364 euros

  • 21 December to 3 January 2026: 497 euros

Winter rental

  • February, March, November and December 2024: €1,250

  • January, February, March, November and December 2025: €1,250

  • February, March, November and December 2026: €1,250

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