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For landlords

Looking for a reliable partner to maximize the potential of your holiday property? At DroomVillaSpanje, we prioritize personal contact and tailored marketing to ensure that your property is not only seen, but also loved by guests who return year after year. With flexible booking processes, dynamic pricing strategy and simple administration, we make renting simple and profitable for you.

Let us together turn your property into a sought-after holiday paradise.

How can we meet your needs as an owner in the best way?
Our approach to booking puts personal contact in the driver's seat. We choose a more human connection over a fully automatic system, and experience shows that both owners and guests value this deeply. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with guests who return year after year, offering an extra layer of security and predictability for you. You always have the final say when it comes to approving bookings, and we adapt to your preferences to ensure a seamless process.


How do we attract new guests?
Through our constantly developing website, DroomVillaSpanje , we offer a user-friendly platform that is available in several languages. Our marketing strategies range from social media to international trade fairs, aiming to put your property in the spotlight. With competitive rental prices, we believe in maximizing the chance of renting, whether for shorter stays or longer periods.


What does it mean to cooperate with DroomVillaSpanje?
You set the rental price you want to receive per week, and we add our margin. This ensures that the price remains attractive in the market, while reflecting the value of your property. Once a booking has been confirmed, we handle all the administration, from contract creation to invoicing, so that the process is worry-free for you. We ask for an annual contribution of €50 to maintain and highlight your ad on our platform, which is a small investment for the value and exposure your property will benefit from.

Contact form for landlords

Thank you very much for contacting us about letting your property.
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