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Explore the beauty and history of Altea la Vella: an authentic experience on the Costa Blanca coast

Altea la vella

Welcome to Altea la Vella, a charming village nestled idyllically in the hills behind the busy town of Altea. With its picturesque location and authentic charm, this is a destination that truly takes you back in time and allows you to experience the real Spain.

Wander through Altea la Vella's cobbled streets and explore the beautiful whitewashed houses and church, dating from the Middle Ages. Here you can feel the breath of history and let yourself be seduced by the unique atmosphere that characterizes this charming village.

Visit the local art galleries and workshops, where you can admire the handiwork of local artists and craftsmen. Altea la Vella has long been a haunt for artists and creative souls, and this is reflected in the vibrant art environment found here.

Enjoy a relaxing lunch at one of the cozy restaurants or cafes along the streets, and let yourself be tempted by delicious, local food and drink. Here you can taste authentic dishes from the region and experience the genuine taste of Spanish cuisine.

For those seeking nature and adventure, Altea la Vella is a great starting point for hiking and outdoor activities in the beautiful countryside that surrounds the village. Explore the paths that lead through the hills and forests and enjoy the wonderful views of the coast and the surrounding countryside.

Altea la Vella is truly a unique destination along the Costa Blanca coast, and whether you're looking for history, art, food or nature, you'll find it here. So why not add Altea la Vella to your itinerary and experience all this authentic village has to offer?

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